Rhodes Old Town

Rhodes Old Town

The magnificent Old town in Rhodes is the largest of its kind in Europe and it is characterized by UNESCO as a monument of world cultural heritage. It offers a unique experience to visitors and combines yesterday and today. The Medieval town of Rhodes is a mixture of different cultures and civilizations with 24 centuries of history. It is a “living” city with a population of more than 4 000 inhabitants, full of shops, restaurants, bars and old houses.

Rhodes Old town is dominated by the imposing Grand Master Palace. The Street of the Knights (Ippoton on maps) starts from the palace and is one of the best preserved and most delightful medieval relics in the world. The 600m – long(1,968 ft.) , cobble-paved street connect the palace with the port. In the early 16th century, it became the address for most of the inns of each nation, which housed Knights who belonged to the Order of St. John. The inns were used as eating clubs and temporary residences for visiting dignitaries, and their facades reflect the various architectural details of their respective countries.

Rhodes Old Town is protected by a fortress which was built in the 14th century AD by the Knights of St. Jones and it is surrounded by moats and walls that reach up to 4km in total. Once the Old town was divided into two parts. The first part was the Kollacio to the north high-class sector where the knights lived. This part of the city includes the Palace of the Grand Master, the Hospital which is a museum today, the temple of St. John and Virgin Marry of the castle. The south part named Bourgho was the low castle neighborhood where soldiers and people lived. The palace of the Grand Master used to be the administrative center and residence of the leader of the Knights of St. John of Rhodes. During the Ottoman period, it was seriously damaged by an explosion but was reconstructed during the Italian occupation in 1912.

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