Filerimos Hill

Filerimos Hill

Filerimos Hill is located near the village of Trianda where once was situated the ancient acropolis of Ialyssos. It is 267 meters high and 16km away from the Rhodes town. 

Here once was the Acropolis of Ialyssos(one of the three first ancient cities on Rhodes). Inside there are buildings from different periods. There are the ruins of a temple of the goddess Athena from 3- 2 century BC which was built on the remains of a Byzantine church. On the top of the hill, you’ll find also a beautiful church dedicated to our Lady.  The Monastery was built by the Knights in the 14th century AD This Monastery was destroyed under the Turks and later rebuilt by the Italians who installed monks from the Capuchin Order in it. They stay there till the 2nd World War began. They built lovely walkaways and cute corridors. You will be amazed by the beautiful wall-paintings and depict of saints.

The hill took its name from a monk who came from Jerusalem in the 13th century bringing with him an icon of the Blessed Virgin painted by the Apostle Luke, placing it in a small church that he built to house it at the top of the hill(Byzantine).

There is a road that sets off from the Monastery square that leads to the westernmost point of the hill. The road to Golgotha used by Catholics was dotted with holy icon-stands and bronze reliefs. At the end of the road of Martyrdom stands an 18 meters tall cross raised by the Italians in 1930. Here you can enjoy a dramatic panoramic view of the West Coast of the Island.


Filerimos Hill - Entrance Fees
6Euro/per person
Opening Hours Summer
Daily 08.00AM - 15.00PM
Tuesday & Friday 08.00AM - 20.00PM
Opening Hours Winter
Tuesday to Sunday 08.00AM - 15.00PM | Monday - closed

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